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Be gentle . . . and know that which clings to you is not you.

Rooted in the earth, rise toward the light . . . the light which is beyond the forest.
Stand upon the shore with the stones and let go.

When the waves recede . . . even the most hidden is revealed.

Bloom without attachment to the fruits that will follow.
Fearlessly reveal your inner beauty.
Ease into tranquility . . . then, rest in clarity. 

Follow the way of the river . . . journey to the ocean.
Search beneath the surface . . . and discover the depths of who you are
Release . . . nowhere to be but where you are.
Unfurl into the light even in the apparent darkness . . . the ancients are at your side.
Search beyond the waves for stillness.
Rise upward toward the sky . . . and let the light shine through your being.
Bloom with praise to the sun, soil, waters . . . let all the world be nourished by your beauty and inner grace.

Stay peacefully rooted . . . and let the shadows come and go.

Every path leads to somewhere . . . pack discernment, clarity, and joy.

On the path to stillness, know the beauty of the world.

Even the smallest seed is powerful . . . release the seeds in your mind.
Feel your soul with beauty and light . . . and let your nature be a song of praises into the world.
Be naturally green. . . without envy.