what guides my work in the world? My credo is that each of us might know and do our work with:

CLARITY -  In Middle English clarity referred to as glory or divine splendor.  In modern terms it is often defined as being clear.  I embrace clarity as a goal for all of us to realize our best and highest self.  Clarity inspires to be nimble, creative, observant, and logical.  It inspires me to dig beneath the surface of jargon, discover a new layer of authenticity, and share the glory of knowing.

BEAUTY –  Beauty is your nature.  At the heart of your being is infinite beauty.  It is the doorway to genuine light-heartedness and joy.  There is no commercial product to create this beauty.  It just is.  You may not be aware that you are beauty itself, but I behold you as beauty. 
HEARTH – The hearth is a place for deep communing and nourishment.  It is the center of the home.  Within this word are the words heart, ear, art, and earth.  The heart is your own inner hearth.  And, the earth is our communal home with nature and one another.  The art of creativity and ear of listening allow me to encourage you to: step outside of traditional thinking, integrate different viewpoints, and find solid but ingenious ways to view your situation, opportunities, and world anew.
LIGHT -  You are pure light.  Regardless of how cloaked your light is by life circumstances and experiences, your light shines.  I hold you as lighten of your burdens and whole. 

how did I get involved in living wisdom?  My family has been wheat farmers in the flatland of Western Kansas for several generations.  To grow up there is to belong and be deeply connected to the land, the subtle shifts in Nature, and the awe of existence.  Being raised in a rural area with a vast sky, my stem roots are silence, solitude and emptiness.  

I have a curious, creative, and rebellious nature so my life has been full of travel, career, friendships, and exploration.  Everywhere, I’ve been anchored in the wisdom instilled in me at a young age.  We each have a unique story and we share a collective story held together by the wondrous, eternal love.   The beginning of compassion and kindness is to re-attune this knowingness and become a living expression of wisdom. 

"Living wisdom" takes effort and the courage to let go of conditioned perspectives.  For two decades have made a full-time commitment to wisdom guiding my life.  My life’s work is to share it with those who wish to join me on the journey to wholeness and truth.  I hope you will join me.  

who are my mentors?  In depth study and practice of spiritual traditions from Indian sub-continent.  Svastha Yoga & Ayurveda Yoga, Chennai, India with A.G., Indra & Dr. Ganesh Mohan (800+ contact hrs.);  Indian Philosophical Tradition with Georg Feuerstein, Ph.D. (800+ contact hrs.); Indian philosophy and Ecological Connections, Loyola Marymount University with Chris Chapple, Ph.D. (80 contact hrs.); Yogini Shambhavi and David Frawley, Ph.D.  (150 contact hrs.); Prime of Life Yoga with Larry Payne (30 contact hrs.); and Relax & Renew with Judith Lasater, Ph.D (40 contact hrs.)  Certifications -  RCYT and E-RYT500 with US Yoga Alliance; Certified Yoga Therapist, International Association of Yoga Therapists.  
MBA (Seattle University); BA (Art History, University of Washington); Rotary Exchange Student (Lulea, Sweden); Certified Nonprofit Facilitator and Board Consultant: 6 years of living and working in Europe; extensive international travel.  Raised on a family wheat farm In Greeley County, Western Kansas.

what living wisdom offers   

Wisdom is radical.  It is wild.  There is no taming of wisdom.

Dominant cultures and mega-corporations consistently try to corral it, but as long as there is life there is wisdom.  “Living wisdom” is to align your life with wisdom.  If you want to feel more alive, joyful, clear, and loving, wisdom is a way. It takes courage and practice.  I support you in your journey of living wisdom with:  
    These two beautiful collections of short poems that I edited with a colleague are from poets around the world and are

    nourishing food for your soul:  Mala of Love: 108 Luminous Poems and Mala of the Heart: 108 Sacred Poems.
     My blog “HEARTH connecting our hearts to earth and ancient wisdom.” Each full and new moon we gather together

     from afar around the "Hearth," which a word that contains “heart,” “ear” for our listening, “art” for our creativity, and           “earth” for eternal wisdom.  
    Eight tips that give windows into how to make room for wisdom to thrive in your life.
    Coming in 2018 – Online training in living wisdom.
    Guidance in ways to deepen your personal connection to the roots of wisdom.  I draw on texts several thousand              year-old texts from the Indian sub-continent. 

living wisdom...every day

kate vogt