living wisdom...every day

kate vogt                                          


Is mentoring for you?
It may be.   
For anyone who is sincerely interested in mentoring,

I offer an initial complimentary 30-minute phone conversation.

Why mentoring?
Likely you already have a connection to your inner wisdom and

are looking to let it be a more regular part of your life.   That wisdom is you. 

It is the source of ageless common sense, creative inspiration, peaceful equanimity, and joy.  

Through mentoring, you give yourself permission to further value and cultivate that essential, innate resource.    

How does it work?
At least one day in advance of each session, you email me 
any questions or 

topics on which you’d like to focus.

My role is to listen, inquire, inspire, and offer relevant practical tips from my experience, research, and insight.  

I aspire to serve as a vibrant, wise and savvy elder who passes along earth-based and ancient wisdom.  If you are looking for a more structured training on “living wisdom . . . every day,” please ask me about my tutoring package for "8 steps to living wisdom."

What are the logistics?
Once we have completed an introductory call and have decided to move forward, I
 will request that you complete an intake form and schedule your initial session.  Follow-up sessions are as needed.  I recommend three+ weeks between sessions. 

~ All sessions are 40 minutes online, or on the phone. 

~ The $108 session fee includes two short email exchanges, both before and after the session.  

~ Payment is due 48 hours prior to the scheduled time. 

~ Cancellations need to be made 24 hours in advance for a refund, less a $8 processing fee.


What a fine person Kate is. She put me right into a deep and lovely place. She is quite illuminating.   (Retired Minister)

Kate is truly beautiful, and she brings out the beauty in me.  I am filled with awe and gratitude to Kate. (Project Manager)

Because of Kate, I am a much kinder and calmer person; and, a better teacher.  She is a gem.  (Yoga Teacher)

Kate helped me renew my inner reserve, and see hidden wisdom in everyday occurrences. (Public Health Professional) 

Kate inspires me, and helps me stay focused on what really matters. (Acupunturist)

Kate has deepened my understanding of ancient wisdom and how it supports healthier life choices. (Business Strategist)

Kate is so present in her work and keeps it alive moment-to-moment. It's something I hope I convey in my work. (Psychologist)

Kate touches and feeds my soul.  She is so wise about the human condition.  (Artist)

Yes!  I'd like to schedule a 30-minute complimentary telephone call.