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Mala of the Heart:  108 Sacred Poems<about> 

Mala of Love: 108 Luminous Poems<about>

These beautiful collections are edited by Ravi Nathwani and Kate Vogt and published by New World Library, Novato, CA.

"Three Lessons i Learned From Editing Mala of the Heart"  by Kate Vogt <read more>

"Lessons I Learned From Editing Mala of Love"  by Kate Vogt <read more>


HEARTH  ~ rooting our hearts in earth and ancient wisdom.  Short reflections and practices are posted each new and full moon with the intent to inspire and support living wisdom.   <Follow HEARTH on Kate Vogt+Living Wisdom page>


Daily #naturesutras with photos and one-line tips for #livingwisdomeveryday <Follow Kate on Instagram>

"Lessons from Grandmothers' Gardens" (published in UK Yoga and Health magazine)  
<read more>
"No Place Like Om" (published in Yoga Journal)   -
<read more> 
"Tips for:  Sleep"  
<read more>   "Seasonal Allergies" "Calm Mind" <read more>


Flowering of Light  - guided meditation to connect with radiance of the heart <read more>
Heart Radiance - guided meditation to connect with true happiness <read more>
Earthly Grounding - guided meditation to feel more rooted and supported <read more>


Roots of Yoga (ongoing with Yoga teacher trainings to meet U.S. Yoga Alliance  200 & 500 hour requirements for philosophy and lifestyle)    <sample 200-hr. curriculum> 

Yoga Sutras (ongoing discussion groups)  <session description> 

Transformation and Indian Art (completed: presentation San Francisco Asian Art Museum) <biblography>

Yoga to Calm the Mind  and Roots of Yoga  <course curriculum> (College of Marin Extension)  

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